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Prescription Help

Need assistance with your prescription? Don’t worry we can help! Please view the answers to these FAQ's:

Perscription Eyewear:

Why should I bother with a perscription? Drug store readers are inexpensive and easy.

While this is true, one size fits all glasses do not work for everyone. Regular eye exams are important as they can detect the early stages of various optical conditions. Drug store readers are also a poor choice if you require different corrections in each eye or if your eyes are not centered on the lense. This can lead to dicomfort, headaches, and possible eye damage if you are not wearing proper eyewear.

Where can I get a perscription?

You can get a glasses prescription from either an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. If you already have had an exam, your eye care provider is required by law to release a copy to you. 

What do the numbers in the model name mean?

These numbers represent the dimensions of the glasses. The numbers in millimeters are the width of the lenses in the frames. Sometimes glasses will also list the bridge size, which is thr size of the spacing between the lenses, and the stem or temple, which is the length of the arms that extend over the ears,

Can I purchase frames without lenses?

Unfortunantly at this time we do not offer frames without lenses. However, you can order eyeglasses with demo lenses which will be removed at the time of installing your prescribed lenses.

What is my Axis and what does it mean?

Your axis is the measurment of the irregular curve of your eye, otherwise known as an astigmatismm  and how the curve is angled. This is used for both eyewear and contact lenses that correct astigmatisms. These values are not the same and both eyewear and contacts require individual perscriptions.

What is a PD measurment? 

Pupillary Distance, or PD, is the distance between both of your pupils in millimeters.



Is a perscription required for contacts?

Yes, all contacts can only be acquired with a valid perscriotion.

How long does my perscription last?

Most perscriptions last for 1 year, however some are for longer.

Can I use my glasses perscription?

No, glasses perscriptions differ from contact perscriptions. Contacts are worn directly on the eye, as opposed to glasses which are worn several millimeters in front of the eye. This means the two perscriptions need to bend the light differently, requiring two different perscriptions.

What is O.S/O.D?

O.S = left eye
O.D= right eye

Are bi or multifocal lenses offered in colors?


What is the base curve, diameter, power, add power, axis, and cylinder? What does this all mean?

B.C (base curve): is the measurement of the back curve of the contact lens. Usually signified by a number ranging between 8.0-10.0.

  • Diameter: refers to the width of the contact lens usually a number between 13.0-15.0.
  • Power: is the strength or amount of correction needed, ranges from -20.0 to +20.0.
  • Axis: a number from 0-180 ONLY FOR ASTIGMATISIM & TORIC LENSES.
  • Cylinder (cyl): ranges from -0.75 to -10.0 ONLY FOR ASTIGMATISIM & TORIC LENSES.
  • Add Power: an additional correction for bifocal lenses, ranges from +1.00-+3.00.

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If this is a medical emergency please contact your local physician for immediate help.