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Extreme H2O 59% Extra

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  6 lenses per box


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Qty Eye BC Dia power
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A new wearing option for patients who have dryness, comfort and deposit issues, and would benefit from a more frequent replacement, but don’t want to incur the cost of a daily disposable. Extreme H2O Weekly will allow your patients to replace their lenses “weekly” for about the same price they’re now paying for 2-week and one half the price of one day. Made with the ultra hydrating properties of hioxifilcon A, the lens design has an refined edge and redesigned lens carrier for improved fit, comfort, handling and durability.
Lens per box 6
Wear Schedule Daily
Lens Material Soft Lens
Lens Tint Visibility Tint
Replacement Schedule Weekly/Bi-Weekly
Lens Type Spherical
Eye Condition Myopia/Hyperopia
Brand Extreme H2O

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