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ECU Library Tech Spotlight: Lobob Soft Contact Insertion/Removal Kit

Lobob labs is committed to creating contact lens solutions and tools that allow the user to wear contacts comfortably and afford the wearer maximum visibility. They make products such as CDS, WRW, Lobob contact lens handlers, compliance travel kits, sterile cleaning solutions for hard lenses, Lobob ESC (Extra Strength Cleaner).

What is Lobob Soft Contact Lens Insertion/Removal Kit:

This kit includes three items: A small tweezer, a suction rod, and a convenient carrying case. It is designed to minimize lens contact with fingers, which makes for a more sanitary removal/insertion. Available in a single or double pack.

What its good for:

This product is perfect to travel with, as it includes a case that will hold the tweezers and the suction rod, all in one place. It is also unique in the sense that it gives you more than one option for your desired method of inserting and removing your contacts. All of this ensures that you will never be without the ability to safely and cleanly remove or insert your contact lenses.

What it’s made of:

The carrying case is made of hard plastic. The tweezers and suction rod are made of rubber, so as not to irritate or damage your eyes.

Always wash your hands before handling contacts.

If you are unsure whether this product is right for you, please ask your eye doctor.