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ECU Library Tech Spotlight: Concise Toric Contact Lenses


Concise contact lenses is owned by ABB Optical Group. They are known for their color contacts lenses specifically which people use to change/enhance the color of their eyes. They are available for people without a prescription and astigmatism as well. They are based out of Tampa, Florida, which is where their corporate headquarters is located.

What are the Concise Toric Contact Lenses

These are “hard,” or gas permeable, custom made, cosmetic and prosthetic tinted contact lenses that consumers can use to change the color of their eyes. They use Orion vision group’s advanced tint process, as well as their 100% custom lens design. They come in 16 different unique colors and will work with almost any patient’s eye.

What they are good for:

They utilize sub-micron size pigments, which is a proprietary processing technique developed in- house by Orion Vision group. All of this comes together to form a smooth, vibrant pigment layer, as well as outstanding comfort. One also has the option of ordering a starburst effect, limbal ring, or both; all at no additional charge to the customer. The options mentioned help blend the natural eye color to the tint present on the lenses.

It is important to note that these products are all custom made, being that they take longer to produce by nature. If you choose to order these contacts from EyeCare Universe or any other contact lens distributor, expect to wait 4-6 weeks before they arrive.

Always consult with a licensed eye doctor if you are unsure if this product will work with your eyes.

Make sure to wash your hands before handling contacts.