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ECU Library Tech Spotlight: Alden HP Sphere

Founded in 1969, Alden Optical wanted to bring consumers an option of having their contacts custom made to fit their exact needs. The founder Charles Creighton saw that many patients simply could not find a lens that fit them the right way, because its either been discontinued, didn’t have the right base curve, etc.  To this day, they have a loyal customer base that will not use any other brand of contacts because they enjoy the freedom to have their contacts made exactly the way they like it.

What are the Alden HP Sphere Contact lenses:

These contact lenses are custom made to fit the patients exact specifications. They are available in an extremely wide variety of base curves, diameters, and spheres. This accounts for some of the widest parameters for contact lenses that consumers will find.

What they are good for:

Theses lenses are very useful for people who require an unusual prescription, as Alden makes lenses that go up to +/-30.00D. They are 100% guaranteed to fit perfectly as they are made specifically for an individual eye. This unparalleled level of customization sets this brand apart from other manufacturers like Accuve or Air Optics.


These custom lenses are usually constructed of HP49, as this is the most common choice of lens for this particular model. Although, HP59 is availbe for extremely dry eyes.

HP49: Hioxifilicon B, 49% water, 15Dk (ISO).

HP59: Hioxifilicon A, 59% water, 24Dk (ISO)

Always wash your hands before handling contacts

Make sure to check with your doctor if you are unsure whether these contacts will work for you.