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EyeCare Universe now an authorized dealer of all Maui Jim products

Just this last week Maui Jim named EyeCareUniverse.com as one of the few authorized online retailers for their high quality sunglasses and eyewear.  As summer finally starts to hit the U.S, it brings with it many outdoor activities and people want to get the absolute most out of this wonderful time of year. It is around this time that many are in the market for new sunglasses to help them enjoy the outdoors to the fullest potential. Just recently the online eye care retailer EyeCareUniverse.com has been awarded the authorization to sell the distinguished Maui Jim brand on their website. This is huge news for Eyecare Universe, as they already are licensed Luxottica and Safilo dealers as well. With over 17 years in the business the NY based EyeCare Universe has one of the largest selections of contacts, contact solutions, contact removers, designer eyewear, designer sunglasses, and other eye care products. Famous for their high inventory, it was only a matter of time that a company like Maui Jim would authorize them as a distributor of their products. Maui Jim was founded in the 1980’s on the island of Maui, Hawaii and became famous for its patented polarization process still used today. All of their glasses offer 100% UV protection, which was their goal from the very beginning. They offer over 125 different models and have been awarded numerous distinguished awards for their commitment to quality and function above all else. Maui Jim is famous for being very restrictive about who may sell their high quality products, so for EyeCare Universe to be awarded this is a huge honor. “We couldn’t be more excited to have these great products in our inventory.” says PJ Crivelli Marketing Manager at EyeCare Universe. “Maui Jim has a long standing reputation for excellence in the sunglass world and it is a fantastic opportunity for our company to be able to sell them.” It was just this year that EyeCare Universe also became an authorized dealer for all Luxottica products. Luxottica owns many famous sunglass and eyewear brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban, and is one of the biggest distributors in the world. The combination of these two momentous events mark a great achievement for the Eye Care brand and will continue to help their popularity grow. EyeCare Universe is headquartered in Westchester, NY with offices in NJ and NYC. They focus on selling eye care products with the lowest prices and the widest range of inventory. With over 17 years in the online retail business, they have established themselves as one of the foremost eye care retailers on the internet.