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MeniCare Solutions by Menicon are specifically made for use with Menicon contact lenses or contact lenses made from “Menicon Z material”.  The MeniCare contact lens solutions are for the rigid gas permeable RGP lenses.  The Menicare GP WRW wetting and rewetting drops are specifically engineered to enhance the comfort of your rigid gas permeable contact lenses by hydrating the eyes and lenses.  Use with the MeniCare GP Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution, which is a sterile cleaning, disinfecting and storage solution for use with fluorosilicone acrylate and silicon acrylate rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lemens. When used as directed Menicare GP CDS solution cleans and disinfects RGP contact lens and hard contact lens. Contains no Polyquad, Chlorhexidine, Polyaminoproply Biguanide, or BAK. The ingredient "HYPROMELLOSE" increases the viscosity of MeniCare Plus which facilitates mechanical cleaning with the fingers or palms of the hand. Deposits and particles on the lens surface can be then easily rinsed off.

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