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Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs

The man Marc Jacobs is legendary in the fashion world. He owns his own fashion line, self-titled “Marc Jacobs”; he also owns the sub-line “marc” by marc Jacobs. He’s the head creative director for Luis Vuitton since 1997 and was recently rated as one of the top 100 most influential people in the entire world by times magazine. Along with these monster accomplishments, his list of awards and fashion honors wouldn’t fit on the next 3 pages. And on top of all this, he had some time to make some sunglasses.

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses and Eyeglasses are best known for one thing: fashion. He has been producing some of the most fashion forward, industry leading glasses for over 20 years now. Taking classic models and ideas from other companies and putting his own twist on them. A lot of his glasses are hybrid models of two popular lines, or he’ll just set the trend himself.

A lot of the models use very “riskay” colors, prints, and other attributes that will show off your bold side. People who wear MJ are not the type of people who want to blend into the crowd. Be prepared to get attention on your astute fashion sense, and bold charisma. You will be noticed, whether you want to or not. There is a sense of confidence that the wearer feels when sporting these glasses that you can’t quite seem to find anywhere else.

The versatility on these glasses is also incredible. Since they are so sophisticated, even the pairs that are made for lounging on the beach can be used in the most elegant of situations. You will see people sporting these anywhere from on campus, to a 4 star restaurant – and you will always be assured to be the best dressed person there.

At this point the only decision you’re probably making is either “which pair should I buy?”, or “how many pairs should I buy?”. And for good reason – these are the some of the best sunglasses in the entire world. EyeCareUniverse is one of the only vendors who are authorized to sell Marc Jacobs. Never put your trust into a shady website because the glasses are a few bucks cheaper. We would never even think about selling a fake pair, or any other type of shenanigans. Enjoy our selection and always great deals!

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