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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Celebrity Shades Spotlight: George Clooney Persol 3074S

    George Clooney and his wife Amal out enjoying the weather George Clooney and his wife Amal out enjoying the weather

    George Clooney is a HUGE Persol fan. He can be seen wearing various different models, whether it be on the big screen or just walking around town. He wore the now discontinued Persol 2137 in “Oceans Thirteen,” and the 2883 model (also discontinued) in “The American.” Most recently, he’s been spotted wearing 3074S model by Persol. These glasses are very stylish, and have a very classy timeless look to them. Persol in general is certainly a classier brand overall, and that is most likely what keeps this Hollywood A-Lister coming back for more. You can purchase these glasses yourself here.

    By Peter Cusumano





    Keira_Knightley_-_wallpaper_2 Keira Knightley: Actress in "Pirates of the Caribbean" series



    olivia wilde Olivia Wilde: Actress known for films like "Rush" and "Tron Legacy"


    Megan-megan-fox-17054778-1280-800 Megan Fox: Actress in "Transformer" series


    -Charlize-Theron-charlize-theron-34529253-1920-1200 Charlize Theron: Actress in "Mad Max:Fury Road" and "The Italian Job"


    Angelina Jolie: Actress in "Tomb Raider" series and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" Angelina Jolie: Actress in "Tomb Raider" series and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

    By Peter Cusumano



  • Maui Jim Spotlight: Lens Types/Colors

    Maui Jim makes lenses for all types of different situations that you may find yourself in. Here is a guide showing the advantages some lenses have in different types of light.

       neutral grey

    Neutral Grey

    Bright, Direct Sun

    Perfect for especially bright, direct sunlight. Offers rich color and contrast along with the highest available light production, unlike ordinary grey lenses that flatten light evenly across the spectrum.

    HCL bronze

    HCL® Bronze

    Full Sun to Overcast

    For everyday variable conditions, from full sun to overcast. Provides excellent contrast. Great if you love a warm, subtle bronze tint.

    Maui HT

    Maui HT™

    Full Sun to Overcast

    High Transmission lenses work hard when distance counts. With the highest usable light transmission, HT technology balances contrast and depth of field for crisper details during varying conditions.

    Blue hawaii

    Blue Hawaii

    Full Sun to Overcast

    Developed as a fashionable option for top-selling styles, Blue Hawaii provides a stylish new look that offers the same amazing color enhancement and clarity as all other Maui Jim lenses. A blue flash mirror coating is applied to the outside surface of our PolarizedPlus2 Neutral Grey lens, which reduces the amount of light that passes through, eliminates glare and boosts color.

    maui rose

    Maui Rose®

    Full Sun to Overcast

    For everyday variable conditions, from full sun to overcast. The highest contrast available - excellent for fast moving sports. Provides a subtle rose tint


  • Top 5 Most Iconic Images of Sunglasses

    There are some photographs that transcend an entire decade or even a generation of people. Occasionally, sunglasses are featured in these momentous photographs. This is a list of the top 5 images throughout American history that prominently feature sunglasses.

    1. Elvis Presley wearing his 70’s style Aviators

    This photo is very indicative of Elvis in the 70’s. While he enjoyed success with songs like “Burning Love” (1972), his health was declining with his drug use. This eventually led to the loss of a true American Icon in 1977. This picture depicts him wearing his flashy (albeit, cheesy by todays standards) aviators that were big in the 70s, and looking a little more worn out then the Elvis the public knew and loved for decades.


    1. JFK Wearing His Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

    Easily one of the most famous photos of the 35th president, and one of the reasons that he is widely considered to be one of our “coolest presidents.” This photo perfectly depicts what the people saw him as, youthful, classy, and stylish. The younger generation today idolize him for these traits, as you are sure to find this picture hanging in dorm rooms around the country. He was one of the first presidents to be known for wearing his sunglasses, and certainly won’t be the last.


    1. General Douglas McArthur Wearing His Ray Ban Aviators

    This photograph was the first real exposure the general public had to the Aviator frame by Ray-Ban. This famous photograph shows a satisfied General Douglas MacArthur enjoying his recent victory during the Second World War. Up until the end of the war, the Ray-Ban aviators were primarily used by the military, as it was designed for pilots. This photo showed the public that these glasses simply must be cool if General MacArthur was wearing them!


    1. John Lennon Wearing His Round Frame Sunglasses.

    One of the more well-known pictures of the famous Beatle, this shows him wearing his beloved round sunglasses. These round glasses became a big hit in the 60’s and 70’s, especially with the hippie crowd. They owe their success largely to John Lennon who actually specifically designed the glasses that he was always pictured wearing. This photo pictures him with his classic no nonsense, rather judgmental, facial expression underneath his favorite pair of sunglasses.


    1. Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

    This has to take the number one spot, as it is easily the most recognizable photograph of one of the most beautiful women of the 20th century. It is the image most people conjure up when they hear the name Audrey Hepburn. This was taken from the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and can be recognized by nearly everyone. It is for those reasons that this is the most iconic sunglass photo ever taken.

    audrey hepburn



  • Movie Sunglasses Spotlight: TOP GUN


    Everybody knows there were a lot of Ray-Ban aviators in the 1986 classic, “Top Gun.” What a lot of people don’t know is that the movie featured several different styles of Ray-Bans, that only the diehard fans would pick up on. The following is an in-depth look at some of the unique sunglass models chosen by the different characters in the film

    Lt. Pete Mitchell “Maverick”

    Ray-Ban Aviators RB3025 62mm 001


    The hot shot main character of the film, Maverick is known for his cocky attitude in the air and on the ground. Maverick displays great instinct in the way he flies, but his attitude limits him throughout the film. As Iceman famously points out (in true Iceman fashion), “It’s not your flying, it’s your attitude.” He wears the quintessential large aviators, and this is by no means a coincidence. This was Ray-Bans most popular model and it is only fitting that the main character should receive the flagship model of the lineup.


    Nick Bradshaw “Goose”

    gooseRay-Ban Caravan RB3136 58mm 001caravan

    Everyone’s favorite RIO, Goose became one of the movie deaths that no one would ever be able to get over. He was loved by all for his easy going attitude and was a perfect counter for Maverick’s hard charging, cocky personality. The contrast between the two co-pilots is even more evident in their choice of sunglasses. Goose wears gold Caravans, which are more laid-back and less “in your face” than their aviator cousins. This suits him very well, as these glasses don’t quite have that cocky hot shot attitude.

    Tom Kazansky “Iceman”

    iceRay-Ban Shooter 3138 62mm 001shooter

    Iceman was Mav’s rival pilot in the Top Gun program. He got his call sign from flying “Ice cold,” and his personality towards Maverick and Goose reflects this. He wore the Shooter model Aviators, which although may have the same look as the 3025’s that Maverick wears, they are a bred all their own. Iceman likes his Shooters so much in fact, that he chooses to wear them inside a dark night club in the beginning of the movie! After all, in the 80's everyone wore their sunglasses in night clubs, right?


    Ron Kerner “Slider”

    sliderRay Ban Aviator RB3025 55mm L2823avia

    Ron Kerner aka "Slider" is known primarily for his stench (see “Slider…You Stink"), however he is Iceman’s RIO and essentially identical to him with regards to personality. Slider, like Ice, is extremely arrogant (even by fighter pilot standards) and is engaged in a constant power struggle with Maverick and Goose. He wears the 3025 Aviator like Maverick, except his are jet black. This may have been done to affirm his place as one of the film’s antagonists, or just may have been another model Ray-Ban wanted to showcase.


    Leonard Wolfe “Wolfman”

    wolfRay-Ban Clubmasters RB3016 49mm W0366cm915

    For all those trying to figure out who Wolfman is, he’s the guy with the big cowboy hat. I know what you’re thinking, “what kind of fighter pilot walks around in a cowboy hat?” Well he actually isn’t a fighter pilot, he is Hollywood’s RIO and possibly even odder than his choice of hat, is his choice of sunglasses. He is the only person in the TOP GUN program who isn’t wearing an aviator style pair of glasses. Then again his name is Leonard and owns a cowboy hat, so it kind of makes sense.



    LTJG Marcus Williams “Sundown”

    sunRay Ban Aviator Flat Metal 3513 58mm 164/6Ggrey r

    Sundown is best known for his brief appearance as Maverick’s RIO after Goose tragically dies. Unfortunately for our friend Sundown, when he stepped into his life, Maverick was still not over Gooses death and was not able to fly effectively. Sundown was also in the bar when Maverick and Goose were singing to Charlie. He picked up the song where Maverick left off, but unfortunately no one else sung along with him. Anyway, he wears a pretty cool pair of mirrored aviators, so not all is lost Sundown!

    Air Boss Johnson

    outdooairbjRay-Ban Outdoorsman RB3030 58mm L0216

    Air Boss Johnson was the gentleman in the air control tower when Maverick decided to do a low altitude, high speed pass next said tower. As we all remember, he wasn’t very happy after this caused him to spill hot coffee all over himself. He wore the Outdoorsman model Ray-Bans which have the cables that wrap around the ears and the thick metal brow bar.




    Stay tuned for more characters coming soon..

    By Pete Cusumano


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